Autism, MMS, and Trump

Trump half-listened to what was said at a White House Coronavirus press briefing, stitched together the pieces of what he heard, and decided to suggest doctors look into the possibility of bleach as a cure for the virus. He later claimed it was a joke. Anyone who has watched footage of his rallies knows he cannot say anything he thinks is funny without smirking and pausing for laughter. There was nothing in this now notorious footage to suggest he was sarcastic. Follow the link to watch the video:

Trump Suggests Injections of BleachSuggests injecting bleach

Trump’s thoughts on the matter would not be half as worrisome if they were not similar to something their parents already put their autistic children through. I cannot help imagine some readers feeling relieved that it only is autistic children subjected to this kind of treatment. The Trump administration seem to believe vulnerable members of the public are acceptable sacrifices to the economy as if they are not quite human. This is how they dismiss the deaths of so many people and still consider themselves Christians. They do not think of these people as fully human and therefore do not see them as entitled to have their lives prioritized over the economy.

The snake-oil sales people selling parents on the idea of curing their child of autism through the use of “Miracle Mineral Supplement” (MMS) remind me of Trump. The concept began “Genesis II Church and Health Healing,” a church founded by a former Scientologist. Jim Humble avoided oversight for this bleaching agent’s use by claiming religious rights protections, calling the formula a sacred sacrament capable of overcoming most diseases known to man.

In 1996 Jim Humble claimed he observed chlorine dioxide’s effectiveness in treating malaria while on a mining expedition in South America. He claimed the bleaching agent was effective at eradicating a slew of conditions that included: Alzheimer’s, HIV/AIDs, cancer, high blood pressure, infections, arthritis, depression, erectile dysfunction, MRSA, and autism (this list goes on). Not unlike Trump’s recommendation of hydroxychloroquine, Humble treated anecdotal evidence as fact.

Kerri Riviera, who served as a bishop in Humble’s church, told parents of autistic children that MMS enemas would kill pathogens in the stomach that caused autism. Subsequently, parents have bathed their children in the solution. They even have given it to them as a drink. Naturally, you will be asking yourself why these people were not thrown in jail for child endangerment. For starters, they tied-up the issue with religious rights arguments. They also claimed that MMS was not the same as household bleach, even though the active bleaching ingredients are the same.
Furthermore, parents have argued that MMS solution was used to bleach flour, which is true, but the quantities do not compare. Besides, people generally understand white flour to be unhealthy. MMS practitioners claim it is not dangerous because it does not contain sodium hypochlorite. This is not true, nor is there any truth to their unfounded claim that it can be used as a cure for almost every ailment known to man. It is alarming enough that parents are using MMS solution on their children. It is horrific that many parents are electing to use a low budget approach, using store shelf bleach rather than MMS.

Deaths have resulted, and not even all these have been prosecuted as homicides, further demonstrating how disabled people are not seen as fully human in our society. The truth is that the hesitation in criminalizing parents’ actions subjecting their children to MMS and bleach reveals uncomfortable societal truths. Disabled people are not seen as fully human, thus not deemed to possess full human rights. When the matter of criminalization of practices such as these is discussed, too often, parents’ desires are the primary concern. Trump and his death cult think of vulnerable people in our society in the same way, viewing them as not fully human and thus acceptable sacrifices to an unsustainable neoliberal capitalist economy.

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2 thoughts on “Autism, MMS, and Trump

  1. I just wanted to thank you for covering these subjects. This should definitely be treated as a criminal act and it’s infuriating that any credence has been given to such barbary. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

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