What if we injected bleach into the lungs to cleanse them of COVID-19?

In the newest installment of what I like to call, "This Might be How America Ends," Trump half-listened to what was being said at today's White House Coronavirus press briefing and then summarized it in a wildly irresponsible way.

Journey Towards Wisdom: Narrative Shards That Have Impacted My Life

I am autistic. You may also use neurodivergent or neurodiverse. I will not accept 'person with autism' or 'Aspergian' as descriptors. The latter is unacceptable because of the man—a Nazi collaborator who selected the children he deemed physiologically acceptable to protect within his study while the others were sent to die. In regards to the … Continue reading Journey Towards Wisdom: Narrative Shards That Have Impacted My Life

Why I’m Still Boycotting Autism Speaks

Planned Parenthood is targeted for defunding, as well as attacks by extremists, because 5% of their budget is spent on something a segment of the population morally disagree with. This same segment throw financial and personal support at Autism Speaks, including President Trump and Vice President Pence, when the result of finding a way to diagnose autism in the womb will lead to the same exact place. Children with autism will be aborted. The hypocrisy is aggravating. The fact these men appear to despise autistic people more than they openly hate abortion is terrifying.

Punching Nazis Is Better Than Promoting Their Treatments For Autism

It's so bizarre that I'm not convinced a treatment that began in Nazi Germany with the torture of mentally ill and autistic people before their eventual murders is a good direction to take. Excuse me for thinking this treatment is torture when it was the foundation of Applied Behavior Analysis and Conversion Therapy used on LGBT people to try forcing them into being straight.