Neurodivergence in the Neoliberal Era (transcript of ep. 8, S1 of Autism and The Human podcast)

This episode addresses how autistic people are commodified within the neoliberal capitalistic system. They are made into products within an educational and health care system that includes abusive practices such as Applied Behavior Analysis. I discuss some of the worst examples of this abuse, including the torture of autistic children at the Judge Rotenberg Center.


Perseverance, Aphantasia, Sentinel Intelligence, and Imposter Syndrome (transcript of ep. 7, S. 1 of Autism and The Podcast)

Today's episode I am going to take a bit of a break from researching new content by doing a compilation of content from my old WordPress blogposts. A huge upside of this is that content warnings won't be needed this week. I am talking to you today about "Perseverance," "Aphantasia," "Sentinel Intelligence," and "Imposter Syndrome."

Environmental Body versus Environmental Risk Part One

The concept of an environmental body versus a body that is an environmental risk meets at the intersection of many marginalized identities. Pristine wilderness environments have been set aside to "protect" them from some bodies while being made available to other bodies as a means of obtaining a transcendent experience in nature. What factors are considered in what bodies are considered Environmental Risk?

Autistic Masking (Transcript ep 3 Autism and The Human Podcast)

This episode is about Autistic Masking, and how you can make it easier for Autistic people to unmask. Autistic masking causes anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation. Yet it continues to be considered by many to be the ultimate goal for autistic individuals. How can we make classrooms, homes, workplaces and society in general safe places for autistic people to unmask?

Autism and The Human Episode 1: Limbic, Liminal, Labels and Language: The Language of Autism (Published June 6, 2022)- Transcript of Podcast

n this episode, I talk about the language of autism. The existence of an Autistic Lexicon helps establish Autism as a cultural identity. I discuss terms such as Changeling, Asperger's, Aspie, Autist etc. This includes a breakdown of why Hans Asperger sucked. I also talk about the social model of disability versus the medical model.

Deaths at Residential School Were Not Unpreventable

The conversation began as responses to an article posted by the Associated Press @AP ( ). The article was about the 751 unmarked graves found at the site of a former residential school (boarding school) for Indigenous children in Saskatchewan. Key questions are whether graveyard served entire reserve since school is located on reserve, population … Continue reading Deaths at Residential School Were Not Unpreventable

An Open Letter to Premier Scott Moe Upon the Occassion of the Callous Destruction of My Community

This letter is intended for Premier Scott Moe, but I have made it an open letter so anyone who cares to read it will be aware of what has been done to my community of Lone Rock, Sk. Mr. Scott Moe, I have emailed you previously on this issue and was sent a response from … Continue reading An Open Letter to Premier Scott Moe Upon the Occassion of the Callous Destruction of My Community