Links to “Autistic Hoya – A blog by Lydia X. Z. Brown”

Continuing with the idea of providing links for my readers to blogs about the intersections of marginalisation, I am going to link articles from Autistic Hoya - A blog by Lydia X. Z. Brown

Trauma-Informed Teaching – Trauma Inducing Classrooms

Not having effective strategies to cope with the trauma I encountered in my classrooms has impacted my teaching career more than any other issue I have faced. In 2005 Rice and Groves defined trauma as " exceptional experience in which powerful and dangerous events overwhelm a person’s capacity to cope."   "Trauma is real."   … Continue reading Trauma-Informed Teaching – Trauma Inducing Classrooms

Imposter Syndrome – As a Teacher – As a Human Being

Recently I began to listen to Angela Watson's podcast, Truth for Teachers. Each episode I listened to had valuable information and advice, but Episode 114: Seven Ways Teachers Can Push Past Imposter Syndrome was the one that made the most significant connections to my own experiences.  Many people have experienced moments where they felt like a fraud. I … Continue reading Imposter Syndrome – As a Teacher – As a Human Being